The Jam Unit are a Kiwi funk band, featuring 3 kiwi musicians - Toops, The Kid, and Graic da Palagi.

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What is The Jam Unit?

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Tatupu or "Toops" earned her title of "The Queen", because Her Royal Highness likes to sit on her drum seat and boss The Kid and Graic da Palagi around, while being served diet coke by compliant bar staff. 

She is irritatingly clever, playing guitar, bass, keys and drums like a demon. But not an evil kind of demon, like a nice demon who likes cows and flowers and who dreams of being in heaven. Oh yeah, and she also sings - like an angel of course. 

Queen Toop's interests include long walks on the beach, drinking red wine in front of raging log fires while reclining on bear-skin rugs, crashing her car on the way to gigs, and annoying Graic da Palagi with her guitar skills.   


The Kid

The Kid, like his sister Queen Toops, is annoyingly talented, with a set of pipes on him a plumber would envy. He plays keys, sings, and worst of all has the gift of "perfect pitch", which means he can listen to a piece of music once, tell you what key it's in, and then play it. Sigh. Graic da Palagi and The Queen are torn between respect, and a desire to run him over in the band wagon for being too clever. 

The Kid is the youngest in the band, hence his moniker "The Kid".  It's also a nod to one of his biggest influences - Prince, who's character in Purple Rain went by the same name.

When The Kid isn't playing music he can be found staring at his phone and dreaming of world domination, or working out what key the neighbour's chainsaw is in. 

Graic Da Palagi

Graic is the nerd of the group. He can text using two phones at the same time, and he sleeps with his guitar. 

He was hospitalised once after a fight with Carlos Santana over whether or not the singer from Matchbox 20 takes himself too seriously (who knew Carlos keeps a switchblade in his shoe?), and he worships at the altar of his God Jimi Hendrix, who of course is the greatest guitarist who ever was, is, or will be. 

Graic has a ridiculously loud and beautiful sounding boutique amplifier, which he plays at ear-bleedingly high volumes in a usually successful attempt to drown out The Kid and Queen Toops, while at the same time practicing his lame dance-moves.  

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